Austen Night Event


What’s It All About?

Every December that my class runs, we hold a lively Austen Event to share and celebrate the projects my students take on, such as Austen readings, creating websites, writing sequels and updates and adaptations, staging plays, teaching Austen lessons to local schoolchildren, and more.

Jane Austen’s novels are all, in one way or another, about community. So I want students to find new ways to engage with Austen, not just by reading books about her, but by taking part in what Austen did best. She inspires people to come together, to cultivate good relationships with friends and family, to work at really understanding one another. And to get out and have a good time, as well!

Here are highlights of memorable Austen Night moments from over the years.

2009 Event | 2007 Event | 2005 Event | 2003 Event | 2002 Event

2009 EVENT

2009 Event

2009 Austen program

Photos coming soon!

2007 EVENT

2007 Event

2007 Austen program

2007 a 2005 alum back for a visit 500h

A 2005 Alum Back for a Visit

2007 happy Austen teacher 500h

Happy Austen Teacher

2007 a janeite takes the stage 500h

A Janeite Takes the Stage

2007 a little visitor from 2005 growing up! 500h

A Little Visitor from 2005 Growing Up!

2007 and another repeat offender! 500h

Another Repeat Offender!

2007 Austen buds 500h

Austen Buds

2007 Austen Mohawk 500h

Austen Mohawk

2007 checking out the JaneArt 500h

Checking Out the JaneArt

2007 daring Austen update photos 500h

Daring Austen Update Photos

2007 faithful 2002 alum back again! 500h

Faithful 2002 Alum Back Again!

2007 group photo 2 500h

Group Photo

2007 happy Austen prize winner 500h

Happy Austen Prize Winner

2007 i can't believe I won an Austen apron 500h

I Can't Believe I Won an Austen Apron

2007 jane warhol 500h

Jane Warhol

2007 janeites arrive 500h

Janeites Arrive

2007 math geek caught on camera 500h

Math Geek Caught on Camera

2007 omg I've got 5 daughters to marry off 500h

OMG I've Got 5 Daughters to Marry Off

2007 subversive Jane 500h

Subversive Jane

2005 EVENT

2005 Event

2005 Austen program

Student video from 2005 Jane Austen Event.
The intro is a little long…Austen Night starts around 3 minutes.

2005 alum from 2002 visits 500h

Alum from 2002 Visits

2005 project display board 500h

Project Display Board

2005 austen gamers 500h

Austen Gamers

2005 Austen guests! 500h

Austen Guests!

2005 Austen paintings for silent auction 500h

Austen Paintings for Silent Auction

2005 checking out paintings 500h

Checking Out Paintings

2005 group goof 500h

Group Goof

2005 group photo 500h

Group Photo

2005 janeite buddies 500h

Janeite Buddies

2005 more on the gamers 500h

More on the Gamers

2005 multi-media display board 500h

Multi-Media Display Board

2005 Northanger in couplets 500h

Northanger in Couplets

2005 numbers increasing! 500h

Numbers Increasing!

2005 painted rock 500h

Painted Rock

2005 saucy gay S&S 500h

Saucy Gay S&S

2005 setting up the video 500h

Setting Up the Video

2005 teacher looking smug 500h

Teacher Looking Smug

2003 EVENT

2003 Event


2003 Janeites 500h


2003 janeite recruiting project 500h

Janeite Recruiting Project

2003 checking out the projects 500h

Checking Out the Projects

2003 Emmamorphsis project 500h

Emmamorphsis Project

2003 group photo 500h

Group Photo

2003 John's project 500h

John's Project

2003 musical janeite 500h

Musical Janeite

2003 radio show project 500h

Radio Show Project

2003 sign language Austen! 500h

Sign Language Austen!

2003 teacher takes the floor 500h

Teacher Takes the Floor

2003 up and coming janeite 500h

Up-and-Coming Janeite

2002 EVENT

2002 Event


2002 Austen group 500h

Austen Group

2002 Austen Game 500h

Austen Game

2002 Austen display case 500h

Austen Display Case

2002 Austen quilt discussion 500h

Austen Quilt Discussion

2002 Austen quilt closeup 500h

Austen Quilt Close-Up

2002 having fun game 500h

Having Fun Game

2002 Ravi reading story 500h

Ravi Reading a Story

2002 showing off Austen game 500h

Showing Off Austen Game

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